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Privacy & Workplace Surveillance

Privacy is a commodity that many Americans hold near and dear to their hearts. However, this treasured right to privacy can at times be unclear, especially in the workplace. Maybe you are wondering if an employer has the right to view your social media accounts? Perhaps you are concerned about your employer monitoring your off-duty conduct. While an employee may do as he or she pleases in the privacy of his or her home, what privacy protections are granted to those employees while on the job? Find out what rights to privacy in the workplace you do and do not have.

Please select one of the following topics for further information:

Medical Privacy
Social Networking & Computer Privacy
Social Media in the Workplace – State Laws
Marijuana and the Workplace
Workplace Searches
Surveillance at Work
Off-Duty Conduct
Dress Codes and Grooming
Credit Checks
Criminal Records
Ban the Box – State Laws on Criminal Records
Drug Testing
Wellness Programs in the Workplace
Monitoring Remote Workers
Employee Identity Theft
Biometric Data

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