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Federal Employment


California Federal Employment Lawyer

ederal employees, and others who work with the federal government, have a wide range of rights and protections afforded to them by law. Whether they are able to gain the full benefit of that protection in the scope of their employment may well come down to how well their California federal employment lawyer understands everything from applicable law to the system itself. 

Attorney Ron Ackerman brings a perspective and a background to federal employment issues that’s truly unique. The over 30 years in legal practice alone gives him a deep knowledge and understanding of the issues clients bring to him. But he’s also worked as a federal employee, in law enforcement. He’s been in union leadership. 

All of that means that those who come to the Law Office of Ronald P. Ackerman, from both here in California, and throughout the United States, get an attorney who understands their challenges from a multitude of angles—and knows how to deal with them. 

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Our Federal Employment Law Practice Areas

People come to us for help on issues that include the following: 

Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB)

The MSPB exists to ensure that federal employees are hired and promoted based on their ability to do the job, and not on a misguided sense of political loyalty to a particular party, politician, or cause. The MSPB was founded to ensure that the public is served by people who are there on merit. And we’re here to hold government agencies to that proper standard. 

Equal Employment Opportunity 

We all have a basic right to do our jobs in an atmosphere of dignity, and free of harassment. We are protected against discrimination based on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. We have the right to report violations or participate in investigations of such without facing retaliation. If anyone believes their rights are being violated, they need to contact our California federal employment attorney for the help necessary in documenting discrimination and bringing a case before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Security Clearances

The need for security clearances is broad and covers more jobs than many people realize. Certainly, high-ranking positions within the U.S. government are one example. But so are other jobs further down the government ladder. Employment with defense contractors may be contingent upon getting a security clearance approved. Certain types of work in computer support, and much more, may put a person in contact with classified information. We help people get their security clearances, in cases where there’s been a denial, are prepared to take the lead in a DOHA appeal

A California Federal Employment Lawyer Who Can Help

There’s little that Attorney Ron Ackerman hasn’t seen in his over three decades of service to federal employees. He understands your case, from the legal issues involved, to the procedure necessary to follow to get relief. 

Contact the Law Office of Ronald P. Ackerman at (310) 878-4442 or contact us online today. 

Attorney Ron Ackerman Handles Each Case Personall

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