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Equal Employment Opportunity

California EEOC Lawyer

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) exists to prevent job discrimination and to provide an avenue for victims to get legal relief. Dealing with public agencies requires following specific processes, and our experienced California EEOC lawyer will lead clients through that process and fight for a fair outcome. 

Attorney Ron Ackerman has spent over 30 years fighting for justice in the workplace. His deep legal background is augmented by further experience in federal law enforcement and in union leadership. All of that gives him a unique perspective on issues federal employees face. 

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How to File an EEOC Complaint

The step-by-step process for seeking relief from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission goes as follows: 

  • Initial Filing: The typical rule is that a complaint must be filed within 180 days (roughly six months) of the triggering event. There are some federal agencies where that timeline may be shorter. Please note, however, that when there are multiple events, the clock starts anew with each one. 
  • Initial Fact-Finding: A representative from the Commission will do some basic fact-finding follow-up within thirty days of the complaint being field. At this stage, we are still in the pre-complaint process, so now is also an opportunity to reach a settlement through mediation or arbitration if both parties are willing. 
  • Final Filing: Presuming no settlement was reached, more paperwork will need to be filed by a California EEOC attorney. At this point, the initial complaint may be amended. For example, if the person believes they are being subject to retaliation for the initial filing, that might be included in an amended complaint. 
  • Investigation: The EEOC investigator will compile a Report of Investigation, which includes relevant testimony and documentary evidence essential for a decision. This report is to be concluded within 180 days of the final filing, although if circumstances warrant, a 90-day extension may be granted. The Law Office of Ronald P. Ackerman works diligently with clients throughout the process on both their evidence, and ensuring their rights are protected. Call us at or fill out our online contact form today. 
  • Decision: An administrative judge renders a verdict on the complaint and the request for relief. 
  • Appeal: There is a 30-day window after the decision in which to file an appeal. An appeal must be based on a misapplication of the law, not simply a desire to get a second opinion. 

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Fighting for Federal Employees

We all deserve a place to work that treats us with dignity, judges us on the merits or our work product and allows reasonable opportunities for advancement based on that work. When that dignity or those opportunities are denied for discriminatory reasons, employees need help. Our California EEOC lawyer is there to provide that help. 

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