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Security Clearance Cases

California Security Clearance Lawyer

Quite a few jobs necessitate security clearance applications. It is a common misconception that these clearances are only necessary for positions related to covert intelligence activities or military strategies. Any job that involves access to classified information will mandate a security clearance. This includes the private sector, where clearances might be needed, not just in the defense industry, but computer support, and more. Our California security clearance lawyer works with clients on getting the authorization they need to do their jobs. 

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What Is Government Security Clearance?

Government security clearance is a status granted to individuals, permitting them access to classified information or restricted areas after the completion of a series of thorough background checks. These checks are intended to evaluate the individual’s trustworthiness and reliability, ensuring they pose no security risk.

There are various reasons why workers may need a security clearance:

  1. Access to Classified Information: Some jobs require access to sensitive, classified information. This includes positions in government agencies, defense, and the private sector.
  2. National Security: For positions related to national security, a clearance is necessary to ensure that individuals are trustworthy and do not pose a risk.
  3. Government Contractors: Often, contractors who have a working relationship with government bodies require a security clearance, especially if they are working on projects related to defense, intelligence, or other sensitive areas.
  4. IT and Cybersecurity: In the era of rapid technological advancements, many IT professionals, especially those in cybersecurity, need clearance to protect sensitive data from potential threats.
  5. Healthcare Professionals: These professionals may need clearance if they work in a government facility or treat patients who are government officials.
  6. Research Positions: Researchers working on sensitive or classified projects, or those funded by the government, may require a clearance.

Remember, obtaining a security clearance can be a complex process, and seeking the guidance of a proficient security clearance lawyer in California can be beneficial.

How Can I Apply for Security Clearance?

Applying for a security clearance is not an automatic process; it requires a proactive approach. You must submit an application that demonstrates your eligibility for access to classified information or restricted areas. The application process can be intricate and requires detailed attention. Here are the steps generally involved in applying for a security clearance:

  1. Job Requirement: A security clearance cannot be applied for independently. An individual must first be offered a job or a position that requires a clearance.
  2. Sponsorship: Once the job offer is made, the employer or the agency that requires the clearance will sponsor the individual’s application. This is an important step as the cost and responsibility of the clearance process falls on the sponsoring agency or employer.
  3. Submission of the SF-86 Form: The candidate must complete the Standard Form 86 (SF-86). This extensive questionnaire covers the applicant’s personal history, including residences, employment, education, marital status, and criminal record.
  4. Fingerprinting: The applicant’s fingerprints are taken and submitted to the FBI for a criminal background check.
  5. Investigation: Based on the information provided in the SF-86 form, a background investigation is conducted. This investigation delves into the applicant’s loyalty, character, trustworthiness, and reliability.
  6. Interview: The candidate may be asked to attend a personal interview where an investigator will ask further questions about the information provided on the SF-86.
  7. Adjudication: The adjudication process involves a comprehensive assessment of the applicant’s background investigation, taking into consideration national security standards. The decision can either be favorable (clearance granted), unfavorable (clearance denied), or held in abeyance (pending further investigation).

The support of a national security clearance lawyer can help simplify the process and maximize your chances of obtaining the clearance you need.

The Levels of Security Clearance

There are three levels of security clearances that individuals may obtain in order to access classified information. 

The first level is Confidential, which is the least restrictive. It is subject to renewal every fifteen years. The second level is Secret. This clearance requires a more thorough background investigation, including interviews with friends and acquaintances, as well as an examination of the individual’s medical records. Secret clearances must be reviewed every ten years. 

The highest level of clearance is Top Secret, which grants access to information that could cause exceptionally grave damage to national security if disclosed. Reviewable every five years, this level of clearance requires the most extensive background investigation, including polygraph testing and interviews with current and former colleagues. Top Secret clearances are typically reserved for those working in high-level government positions, or in sensitive industries such as defense contracting or intelligence gathering.

Our California security clearance attorney possesses a comprehensive understanding of the intricate workings of clearance reviews across various agencies. Our knowledge and familiarity with the process helps us advocate for your interests and fight for the best possible outcome. 

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The Security Clearance Review Process

The agency reviewing an application will be looking to verify the applicant’s loyalty to the United States government, to be assured that they are free of foreign influence. Furthermore, the review process must assure the agency that the applicant is both an honest and trustworthy person, and in good mental health.

After an application has been received, an investigation will begin. Be aware that this will be extensive, and may seem intrusive. A review of any criminal records and credit history are certainly a standard part of any background check. The investigation may also include interviews with an applicant’s neighbors, work colleagues and anyone else in position to offer information regarding their loyalty, character, responsibility, and mental health.

A single mistake in applicant’s past does not necessarily mean an application will be denied. The key is whether decision-makers believe that this mistake represents a pattern of behavior, or in some way carries deeper meaning then what’s on paper. Our California security clearance lawyer can help prepare mitigating factors, which are aimed at helping the reviewers understand what happened, and that it does not represent the true character of the applicant today. Furthermore, there is a right to appeal the denial of an application.

The Revoking of a Security Clearance

The same reasons that may lead to the denial of a security clearance can also result in its revocation. Additionally, a breach of security, such as the unauthorized disclosure of classified information, can lead to revocation. The misuse of information technology is another reason for revocation.

It’s important to note that this latter point includes not just activities on a computer related to confidential information, but any inappropriate use. For example, viewing pornography on a work computer used to access classified information constitutes an improper use of technology.

We Lead Clients Through the Process At the Law Office of Ronald P. Ackerman, we understand how challenging it can be to navigate the authorization process. We have extensive experience in identifying potential issues that may arise during the re

view process. We are dedicated to working tirelessly on behalf of our clients, and committed to presenting your case in the best possible light.

If you require assistance with your security clearance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (310) 878-4442 or through our online form. .

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