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Hiring & Classification

Looking for a new job? Wondering if the questions you were asked at the interview were legal? This section addresses some of the most common issues you may encounter in the hiring process, and how you are classified as a worker may affect your workplace rights.

Your employment classification can determine how companies compensate you, the benefits they offer, the responsibilities you are given, the liability of the company under labor laws. Common classifications include employees and independent contractors. Further employment classifications include part-time, full-time, just to name a few.

Please select one of the following topics for further information:

Interview / Application
Background Checks
Arbitration Agreements
Background Check State Law
Apprenticeship Programs
Flexible and Predictive Scheduling
Non-Compete Agreements
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Salary History Disclosure
Pay Transparency
Independent Contractors
Temporary / Leased Employees
Day Laborers
Probationary Employees
Worker Classifications
Federal Contractors
Undocumented Workers
Nonimmigrant Workers
Noncitizen and Other Immigrant Employment
Your Rights When Working From Home
Artificial Intelligence and the Hiring Process

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